We’re Arizona Professional Pest Control, and we offer bee and wasp removal services for residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s a small swarm or a large beehive, we’re available 24/7 and can respond immediately. We’ll be at your house within just one hour after you call, and we’ll complete any bee removal job in just a couple hours. Bee and wasp removal is serious business—it shouldn’t be attempted by just anyone. It takes our years of first-hand experience to learn the biology of bees and to ensure a bee-free home or business.


Whether the bees are in a tall tree or inside the walls of your home, there’s no job too dangerous or difficult for our team of licensed technicians.

First, we conduct a thorough inspection of the area. Many can clearly see they have a bee problem but fail to realize the severity of the infestation. Once we identify the full scope of the problem, we’ll get to work immediately.

We’ll then begin removing all parts of the hive or nest, piece by piece, making sure not a drop of honey is left behind. Why? Because honey can last forever, meaning if not every drop is removed, you increase the chances of bees returning in the future. Not to mention you also increase the risk of attracting rats and developing mold. We finish the process by treating the area with a residual insecticide that will eradicate the bees over the following days ensuring that they will never return.


If you’re thinking about treating a swarm of bees yourself that’s inside or outside of your home, think again. The only way you should be removing bees is by calling an expert. Treating bees is highly technical and extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t own a bee suit and aren’t properly trained. To ensure your home is bee free, you must fully comprehend the science behind bees and understand what it takes to complete a successful removal and disposal.


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